2020 Blanshard St., Victoria, BC | Call Now: 250.384.4626 | Fax: 250.384.2618

New Store at 2020 Blanshard St.

We are pleased to announce we have completed construction on our new state of the art, ECO Friendly Dry Cleaning and Wet Cleaning Facility located at 2020 Blanshard St. across from Memorial Arena, formerly Vintage Hot Tubs. Our new facility has a large parking lot with 2 entrances. Inside is bright, new and air conditioned.


Basic Cleaning Costs

Shirts $5.25
Shirts (Tommy Bahama) $9.90
Mens Pants $14.50
Ladies Pants $14.50
Ladies Skirts $14.50
Blouses $9.90
Suit Jackets $16.75
Mens 2pc Suits $31.25
Ladies 2pc Suits $31.25
Sweaters $11.90
Down Quilts (Any Size) $46.00
Regular Comforters $36.00
Wedding Gowns starting at $140.00

All pricing can be confirmed at counter (ie. Silks, etc…) Please ask.